1 Year Cash Flow Template

Money is a powerful tool for anyone, especially new businesses that are just starting out. It’s important to monitor your cash flow for your first year of business. For most people, the first 12 months are the most crucial. The 1 Year Cash Flow Template is designed to chart out this crucial period and monitor your income and expenses as you progress through the year. The template is also fully customizable to fit the needs of any new company or business. Keep your cash flow neat and tidy for your first year of business by downloading this free template.

How to Use the 1 Year Cash Flow Template

After downloading the free template by clicking the link provided, start by entering the name of your company/business and the current date at the top of the page.

The next step is to enter the cash you have on hand or your start-up amount. Next, enter any additional funds that may attribute to your business, such as loans, cash receipts, and your general cash sales.

Now for the tough part, enter all your expenses in the following section below. The template provides you with plenty of examples. However, if you want to change any of these items, simply click the cell you want to change and enter something new.

You’ll notice that every amount you type will be added to the totals located at the bottom of each section.

The final section gives you a space to list all the non-cash essential operating data that may affect your business, such as depreciation, bad debt, inventory, etc.

Now you have everything you need to monitor and analyze the cash flow of your business for the next financial year.

Top Features of the 1 Year Cash Flow Template

  1. Everything you need is on one page
  2. Calculates your totals automatically
  3. Provides plenty of examples for each section

Download: 1 Year Cash Flow Template

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