Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

2012 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

When an employee misses work often it can be a big concern for the company. To make it easier to see when employees call out of work an employer can use the 2012 employee attendance tracking calendar on Excel. This program will be able to track the frequency of employee calling out of work.

Using the Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

People do get sick from time to time. They also need some time to handle personal situations. Having to be out of work once in a while is usually not a problem. Some employees take advantage of this. An employer has lot to worry about and reasonability to their customers no matter what field they are in.

Employees have to be at work when they are expected to. The employee attendance tracking calendar will help the employer with this task. When a person is absent they can make a note in the Excel program. They can also add a comment as to why the employee did not come in. Using the features of Excel, they can graph and track absence throughout the year.

How an Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Can Help

The attendance tracking calendar will help an employer and an employee stay organized and be consistent with information. When tracking this information on a calendar an employee cannot lie about how frequently they called out. For employees with paid sick time they can also keep track of how much sick time they used and how much time they still have left.

An employer can look at this in Excel and know instantly the sick time the employee has. This makes record keeping easier on both the part of the employer and the employee. There are certain times when employees have to call out of work. The attendance tracker makes sure they are not doing this too frequently and that there is enough staff to keep the company running smoothly.

Download: Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

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