Employee Attendance Tracker

Free Employee Absence Tracking Excel Templates

Before technology came to the rescue, tracking employee attendance was a sheer nightmare, but don’t worry because the employee attendance tracker is out. The employee attendance tracker is a great way to organize employee attendance such as: the days they come to work, the days that they arrive early or late to work, the sick days, the vacation days and it keeps track of the employees’ overall arrival times.

Using a the Employee Attendance Tracker

Every business should have a reliable attendance tracker, and this particular product is perfect because it is really easy to use and highly effective. The tracking template is really easy to download; it only takes a matter of minutes, and you will be on your way very soon. Additionally, the charts are really easy to navigate, and they keep track of time and the days of the month.

Having a reliable attendance tracker is important because it is a great way to prevent paying an employee for a day they didn’t work, and it’s a great way to check if your employees are taking way too many sick or vacation days. Also, the spreadsheet is large enough to include all of your employees, so you can keep a watchful eye on your workers and make sure that they aren’t slacking off or taking advantage of their vacation days.

This product doesn’t require any fancy software; to download it, you will only need to have Excel 2003 and higher. This product’s file size is only 18 KBs, which is the perfect amount of space to have a record of all your employees. In addition, the employee attendance tracker’s download is 254.600, which isn’t too much space, so it will fit in your computer perfectly.

Overall, this attendance tracking software will make it easier for an employer to keep track of the employees.

Download: Employee Attendance Tracker

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