Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

2013 employee attendance tracking calendar for excel

Early in the new year is a great time to implement new systems for more effective management of employee time tables and attendance.

The truth is, it can be beneficial for you as an overseer of other employees to go out of your way to keep track of each employees hours, missed days, accrued vacation time and the like in case there are any questions regarding these matters or discrepancies. A employee attendance tracking calendar should aid you in this process.

Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar: Keep Accurate Attendance

If you are responsible for a number of employees, it can be hard to remember in your mind when each one took a personal day or who called in sick when. The importance of keeping these records up to date and accurate cannot be stressed enough. This will allow you to see which of your employees are the most reliable and which ones might need reprimanded for excessive absenteeism.

Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar: Accumulation of Vacation Time

There is a very important element to keeping up with the attendance of employees throughout the year as well, and that is the accumulation of hours worked towards paid vacation time. This should offer you up to the minute details about each employees work history throughout the year, and give you the means of calculating the precise amount of vacation days/hours an employee is due.

Of course you could afford an expensive program for such a task, but a simple free template offering a year-long calendar will be just as effective. Since logistics in business is key, saving money is tantamount to almost anything.

So before you consider anything else, try a free employee attendance tracking calendar. This will offer the ability to do all of these above listed things, but at no extra out of pocket cost to you or the company.

Download: Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

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