2014 Photo Calendar

Many business owners hire a professional publisher to create the custom calendars they use at their work sites and as branded promotional giveaway and gift items. Their perception is that self-publishing a calendar from scratch is too time-consuming and expensive. The truth is that with the many free calendar templates available on the Internet, you do not need to create a calendar from scratch. Our 2014 Photo Calendar Template has all the pre-designed basic calendar elements, including a year header, month names, weekday headings, dates and photo, you need to make a high quality, professional-looking calendar on your own.

How to Use the 2014 Photo Calendar Template

The 2014 Photo Calendar Template is an fully customizable and easy-to-use document. Download it for free right now on this page and then edit to match your custom needs:

  • First, click the “Page Design” tab in Publisher and then select a pre-designed color scheme from the Schemes gallery. If you want to customize the template with your own scheme, highlight an area on the template, such as a month name or the weekday headings, and then select a different font style or color from the Font gallery.
  • Second, replace the photograph with one you prefer. Right click the existing image, select “Change Picture” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Third, add your company’s name and logo to the template. Click the “Insert” tab, select the “Draw Text Box” option, use your cursor to draw a text box anywhere on the template and then fill in the box with your text. To add a logo, click “Picture” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tips for Using the 2014 Photo Calendar Template

  • First, if you want to add special effects to your calendar’s text, such as shadows or 3D effects, use the tools available under the “WordArt Tools” tab.
  • Second, always select a photo for your 2014 calendar that is colorful and pleasant, as the calendar recipients will subconsciously associate your business with positive feelings.
  • Third, if you are going to use your calendar as a branded holiday gift for employees or loyal customers, do not forget to add a message of appreciation for their hard work or patronage, respectively.

Remove the middleman this year and save yourself a lot of money in the process with our 2014 Photo Calendar Template!

Download: 2014 Photo Calendar

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