2016 Twelve Month Calendar

Now you can have a free calendar for every month of 2016! The 2016 Twelve Month Calendar has a simple design that makes customizing your own personal schedule effortless! Each month of the year gets a separate tab, which makes printing simple. Everyone wants an easy and efficient way to organize their yearly schedule, but you don’t need to spend a tremendous amount of money on software or even a few dollars on a complicated app. This document is exactly what you need at the best price of all, free! What are you waiting for? At no cost to you and designed to be used every year until the end of time; this calendar is the perfect addition to your scheduling routine!

2016 Twelve Month Calendar Guide

You will start by choosing your current month and date. To do this, click on the tab of your current month located at the bottom of the page. All twelve months are displayed and titled on these tabs below.

Once you have successfully found and clicked on your month, you can begin editing the document to fit your unique schedule. This document is pretty intuitive to use. Just click on the date you want to enter an item and start typing it in that box.

In addition, the holidays will already listed for you, but if you wish to change or delete them, simply click on the text and press “Backspace”.
When you have completed entering your schedule for a month, click on the “File” tab, at the top of your screen, and select “Print” from the proceeding menu. You can then hang your physical copy of the calendar anywhere in your home!

Why You Should use the 2016 Twelve Month Calendar

The Twelve Month template was designed with one goal in mind, to help you schedule all your events and appointments quick and easy. Each tab on the template places focus on one particular month. Other calendars often feature all the months on one page. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for notes and are hard to see once printed. This document gives you plenty of space and makes printing a breeze! Download this free document today and start planning for the future!

Download: 2016 Twelve Month Calendar

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