2019 Photo Sheet Calendar

The 2019 Photo Sheet calendar is the best way for you to celebrate all the wonderful moments in life. This template gives you the unique opportunity to customize and create your own photo calendar. You can use this free-flowing Photo Sheet for any year from now until the end of time. No more reformatting old calendars to fit the New Year’s dates. This calendar will automatically structure the months from the date you select at the top of the page. You can download the Photo Sheet for free and start commemorating every season of the year with a personalized photo of all your family and friends!

2019 Photo Sheet Calendar Guide

You can start by adjusting the calendar year with the arrow buttons at the top of the page. Clicking up and down will increase or decrease the given year. Just click these buttons until you are at your desired year.

The template will also adjust all the days of the calendar below once you have selected your year. Now you can enter anything you have planned for a given month into the calendar.

To enter an item, just click inside the box of the desired day and start typing your schedule, when you are finished writing the item press the “Enter” button to finalize.

Now for the fun part, once you have chosen a special picture to add to the calendar from your computer, simply click one of the stock photos and select “Change Picture”. This will bring up a menu in which you can choose your desired picture to replace the old one.

Now you can enter photos that encapsulate the spirit of each season. Enter photos of your family at Christmas for December or a picture of you in your Halloween costume for October. Anything you want to use to make the calendar uniquely your own will work!

Reason to Use the 2019 Photo Sheet Calendar

  1. Easily adjustable to fit any year
  2. You can add your own photos to the calendar
  3. Designed to print quickly and easily

Download: MET-2019-Photo-Sheet-Calendar

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