2019 Student Calendar

The Student Calendar is a comprehensive method to help bright young minds succeed in their academic endeavors. This simple document will allow you to write down all your scheduled assignments, upcoming tests, and extra-circular meetings for the month and print a helpful document listing all this information on a single page! This is the perfect template for any young student or parent that wants to be more proactive with your studies and develop the organizational skills that will lead to a more successful and enriching future!

How to Use the 2019 Student Calendar

You can download the free template by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

First, you will change the year of the calendar template by clicking the arrows at the top of the page. This will also reformat all the dates below.

With the document open, you can see how easy it will be to customize the template to suit your unique school schedule. The template will also provide you with some helpful examples, to let you know how to format your information.

When you are ready to enter an item into the calendar, simply click on the box of the date your assignment is due, then begin writing, when you are finished writing the item, press “Enter”.
When you have all your assignments entered into your current month, just print the document for you to carry with you, click “File” then “print” to make a physical copy of the sheet.

How the 2019 Student Calendar Benefits You

By using the Student Calendar document, you can develop organizational skills that will grow stronger as you or your child grows older. Education is the foundation of success in this country. To be successful in school starts with organizing all the assignments, tests, and quizzes and being prepared for anything that might be thrown your way. Download this free template today and start excelling in your studies!

Download: MET-2019-Student-Calendar

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