Accounting Book Closing Checklist

Free Accounting Book Closing Checklist

It is that time of the year again, the time for your business’s books to be closed for the previous year. Now how can you make sure that you have completed every step for properly closing the books? The use of a checklist can help you keep track of every step so that both you and the various levels of government involved in your books are satisfied. An accounting book closing checklist template can help you create a checklist that works for you every time.

How to Use the Accounting Book Closing Checklist Template

  • First, download the free accounting book closing checklist template. Enter your business’s name and save the file.
  • Second, go through each section of the template and adjust as necessary for your specific business. For example, if you need to check inventory, remember to add it to the list. Save frequently as a precaution against computer crashes.
  • Third, use the checklist regularly as you go through the accounting process. Check it off or otherwise indicated completion of your checklist for maximum use of the checklist.

Tips to Using the Accounting Book Closing Checklist Template

  • First, from your basic company template, make a couple of different versions for the various closings of the books. There should not merely be a yearly check, but a quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily closing sheets. Some will require more detail than others. The template is easily customized for each area you need.
  • Second, while this template is primarily a business accounting checklist, feel free to use this simple template for nonprofit or personal use. Such use can help you stay on top of your accounting with everyone to whom you are accountable.
  • Third, be sure to print off your checklists and the accompanying paperwork as a hard copy of your accounting in the case of audit or computer crash. It is better to be safe rather than sorry.

While no one likes the work required to close the books, it is more stressful to worry that you missed a critical step. Using an accounting book closing checklist template from can alleviate that stress. You will be able to pinpoint what has and what has not been done giving you peace of mind. Check out the template today.

Download: Accounting Book Closing Checklist

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