Accounts Payable Record

Running a business can be difficult. It’s not all profits and if you don’t keep track of your recurring expenses you’re likely to drown in the chaos. Luckily the Accounts Payable Record is your lifeboat. This simple and free template serves as your guide to tracking and managing the companies that your business needs to pay year after year. From restocking the coke products on your shelf to managing small business loans, this template has all the tools you need to finally organize your accounts on one page. To learn more about this free template, just keep reading the guide below.

Using the Accounts Payable Record

You’ll probably want to download the template to follow along with the tutorial. Just click the link provided for you below at the bottom of this page to get started.

The template provides you with 4 tables to keep track of 4 different accounts. However, if you need more, just copy the tab by right-clicking on it and selecting that option below to create as many as you need.

Start by naming the account, above the pie chart, so you know exactly what it should be used for. You can then go through the column header and enter the listed information below each one in the corresponding rows.

Start by listing the date of payment, reference, account number, type (payment/full), memo to include, account, and the debit or credit your will be using to pay. The Accounts Payable template will give you a balance for your remaining amounts for those accounts at the end of the document.

When you’re ready to create more account tables, just continue on to the next table below and repeat the same process.

Now you can manage your business accounts and general funds with ease to ensure your company runs smoothly.

Download: Accounts Payable Record

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