Advertising Plan Template

The Microsoft Advertising Campaign Template

The Advertising Plan Template is a great tool to use when trying to see how much you spent on advertising for your company for the year. Some individuals find this template useful to help them plan ahead for expenses that they expect to spend throughout the year. The Advertising Plan Template breaks down into print, broadcast, direct mail, and other.

How to Use the Advertising Plan Template

  • You will have four sections to list the types of advertising you are using. Those sections are broadcast, direct mail, print, and other.
  • Under each section will be a list of the types of advertising done for that section. For example, under print, the word newspaper is listed to show how many times an advertisement was placed in the newspaper and for how much.
  • The bottom section is for totals. This will give the company an idea of the total amount spent for the month for all of the advertising sections used.
  • There is even a total section under each individual section. This will give the total amount for the month for that particular section.

Tips for Using theĀ Advertising Plan Template

  • You can edit this template to list additional or lesser sections. This way, it only shows what your company uses.
  • The chart can be changed from yearly, to quarterly or every six months. This will help companies see their expenses for a shorter amount of time.
  • The last column of the entire template will show companies the combined totals for each section for the entire year. This section is up to the individual using the template if they would like to see those results or not.

If you would like to keep track of advertising with your company or plan ahead, be sure to download your free copy from our website. It is 100-percent customizable to fit your company needs. It is absolutely easy-to-use and to change if needed. You no longer have to worry about keeping up with expenses or having to remember them since you will have the Advertising Plan Template by your side to assist you.

Download:Ā Advertising Plan Template

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