Aged Accounts Receivable Report

The Aged Accounts Receivable Report template allows accountants to track and report all accounts receivable. This lets them manage cash flows and cash collections. Templates list how many days accounts are expected to take to settle. The 15 KB template is easy to use, highly rated by users, and free to download in Excel 2003, or later, programs. They are available on this site along with other templates for a variety of financial, and accounting, purposes ready to use with Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and Word. Templates are simple to customize with your company, or personal, information.

Using the Aged Accounts Receivable Report Template

The Aged Accounts Receivable Report template has been updated and formatted for multi-platform use. It’s a great tool for keeping track of cash payments and expected payments so you can balance books and create financial plans. Sometimes accountants refer to this as accounts receivable aging.

These bonuses are part of the Aged Accounts Receivable Report package:

  • Template is available for free on this page
  • Template is customizable
  • Template is easy-to-use, downloadable right here

How to Use the Aged Accounts Receivable Report Template

The Aged Accounts Receivable Report begins with your company’s name and date. The template consists of data fillable cells. The first column contains customer names. the second column shows allocated days to pay. Across the top row, columns show time periods including 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days, 121-plus days. These are followed by customer totals and user notes. The format enables you to customize forms and track cash accounts. Putting this information on a one-page spreadsheet simplifies accounting procedures.

Tips for using the financial history and ratios template:

  • Fill in customizable grid with company financial data and save the file
  • Set up fields required for tracking assets and liabilities
  • Set up fields required for financial history and ratios
  • Back up templates with paper copies when necessary


Download: Aged Accounts Receivable Report

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