Annual Financial Report

Every business needs to keep a close watch on its money, what’s coming in and what’s going out being the very basics of any business’ numbers. But beyond that, a business needs to know the specifics, and more importantly, how it’s changing from year to year. An Annual Financial Report provides this information at a glance, and can be absolutely invaluable to any business trying to make sure that it’s growing in the right directions.

The template can be customized completely, and offers an at a glance graph for every tracked metric, and even allows switching the metrics out for whichever ones are more appropriate, the Annual Financial Report template even offers in-document links to the relevant areas to edit to make sure the initially shown figures change correctly.

How to Set Up the Annual Financial Report Template

  • After making use of the easy, free download available on this page, open the document, and if prompted make sure that the document is in “Allow Editing” mode. Otherwise no changes can be made to the information, and the in-document links will not work.
  • Once the document is in Allow Editing mode, either click the link that says “Click to Enter Financial Data” or navigate to the second page of the document to start building your annual financial report. This is where you can make changes to the metrics that are being tracked, and the relevant data in regard to those metrics, by changing the numbers, the years, and the names of the metrics
  • After editing the metrics in question, return to the first page (either by clicking the tab, or using the “Financial Report” link) and review the changed information.

Tips on Using the Annual Financial Report Template

  • If desired, the five graphs on the front page can show alternate metrics, these can be changed on the third page, or by clicking the “Change Key Metrics” link.
  • The year can be changed as well by clicking the drop-box on the first page
  • Don’t forget to fill in the company name on the first page, as it’s a simple mistake to make, and will look unprofessional.

In short, this is one of the most intuitively formatted financial report templates available, and provides a lot of information in a very accessible and customizable fashion, and can be an integral source of year-to-year information.

Download: Annual Financial Report

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