Any Year Academic Calendar

Time management and organization are the two most important factors in having a smooth sailing year whether you’re a teacher, parent or a student. Having to remember parent teacher conference dates, testing days, due dates of projects as well as after school practice or event days can be overwhelming throughout the school year. The Academic Calendar lets you stay ahead of the important dates by organizing them days, week, months or even years in advance!

How to use the Any Year Academic Calendar

In order to save you time on the details so you can focus on a successful school year, we’ve made this template quick to download and easy to use. Start by downloading the Academic Calendar template and opening it up in Microsoft Excel. Once you have opened up the template, start by typing in the year you wish to create a reminder for in cell B1. Once you have selected the year, click in cell C1 and select the corresponding month from the drop down menu. At this point the calendar will arrange itself automatically to have the date correspond with the correct days of the week to help you quickly enter in your reminders. Now select the cell of the date you wish to create a notice for and input in the information needed for your reminder.

Once your reminders are entered in the calendar, click File in the top left corner of your excel window to select “Save As”. Select an easy accessible place on your computer to save the calendar and rename it to something more convenient if preferred. Once the file is saved you can open it up at any time and update it as new event arise, or print it out and put it in a place for visual reference. Either way this calendar will help you efficiently manage your time to always be ahead of schedule in order to have time to prepare.

Uses for the Any Year Academic Calendar

This calendar is designed to help any teacher, student or parent efficiently maximize his or her time during the school year. The calendar is specifically designed to make it easy to use in order to save you the time of having to put things together last minute and reorganize your schedule. The Any Year Academic Calendar puts the power and control back in your hands by allowing you to schedule your reminder days, weeks, month or even years in advance to ensure that you never miss an important event!

Download: Any Year Academic Calendar Template

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