Any Year Calendar Template

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Buying calendars with pretty pictures is all well and good, but in today’s world one needs a digital calendar to keep up with appointments, tasks, and meetings. The Any Year Calendar Template is a simple Excel sheet for you to enter in all of your month’s information.

How to use the Excel Calendar Template

Using the link below, download the Excel page and open the calendar. The calendar goes by months, and generates a year’s worth of pages in one document for you.

Begin by changing the year and month in the top left corner. The dates and days will automatically adjust. After this, begin filling in your calendar. Select the box in the date you want and type a brief description of the appointment or task for that date. Include a time if that is relevant. Once your calendar is filled, you can print it or leave it online to update and view it through your phone or tablet.

Tips on using the Any Year Calendar Template

  • If you’re big into planning, print off all 12 months with important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. filled in. You can store the pages in a binder and pencil in new items as the year progresses.
  • Change the Any Year once the year is over. Excel will again update everything for you.
  • Use Excel’s “Highlight” tool on the “Home” tab to color code your entries. For example, red for deadlines, blue for birthdays, and green for parties.
  • There is a “Notes” portion at the bottom of each month’s page for you to add additional information such as, “possible vacation month” or “begin holiday shopping”.


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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