Assignment Planner

This Assignment Planner is here to take the worry of forgetting a due date or a cancelled class off your plate and to help you stay organized in regards to every detail of the school year. Whether you’re a student or a busy parent, take control of the school year by staying on top of classes, days off, project due dates and other important events. This planner was set up to be user friendly, interactive and most importantly quick and easy to use so that you can spend more time on matters that are more precious and valuable to you.

How to use the Assignment Planner

Begin your journey of organization by simply downloading the Assignment Planner and saving it to your computer. Once you are inside this tool, change the Year in cell N2 to the current year, this will automatically update the entire workbook. Find the first month you wish to fill out with the schedule.

For a quick and easy visual reference use the Weekly Schedule calendar to input the name and time of each weekly class. Use the Assignments section on the right to keep a detailed log of all assigned homework dues dates, test days or cancelled classes. Simply pick the corresponding day of the week, enter in the date and detailed information pertaining to the specified date. This will automatically highlight the date cell on the calendar for a quick visual mental note.

Tips for the Assignment Planner

• Use the syllabus you received from school to pre-fill as much of the assignment information you can for the semester. This will help keep your schedule on track and to help you plan out in advance when to begin working on each task.
• Each month’s schedule can be printed out and put in a prominent place to remind you of upcoming due dates.
• Make sure to save the planner each time you input new information so you never miss a deadline.
• Always enter in the information as soon as possible into the planner so you don’t have to experience the procrastinators’ headache.

Download: Assignment Planner Template

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