Attendance Sheet Template

Punctuality and dependability are the foundations for an effective team of any type; business groups, charitable organizations, college study groups and even simple personal groups. An effective way to ensure that these qualities are kept on record for reference, and many other purposes, is to use a meeting sign-in sheet. This attendance sheet template can be a performance evaluation tool, but can also be used for emergency situations to make sure everyone is accounted for. This attendance sheet template is a simple way to ensure pertinent contact information is available to the facilitator to use for when it is needed.

How to Use the Attendance Sheet Template

  • First, determine and insert the project, facilitator, date/time and place. Note that if needed these titles can easily be substituted to fit individual needs. (ex. in place of
  • Second, each of the titles above can easily be substituted to fit individual needs. (ex. in place of “Facilitator” and “Project” could be changed to “Group Leader” and “Assignment,” respectively.
  • Third, one person can either fill in the information for each participant, or have everyone sign in themselves upon arrival.
  • Fourth, the information about each attendee can be edited, added, subtracted or a combination to fit your individual needs.

Tips for Using the Attendance Sheet Template

  • First, fill the sheet in accordingly to how you prepared it, but also remember that for record-keeping and transfer purposes, establishing a digital copy is recommended. This can be done either in place of the paper copy, or after the printed sheet is completed.
  • Second, don’t forget to check that each participant is listed and with proper contact information for follow-up or even emergency situations. If the meeting place needed to be evacuated, you have the participants information and a checklist already made to ensure safety.
  • Third, make sure that the attendance sheet template is customized to fit your individual needs. If the participant doesn’t know what information you want, they may not include it, making use of the sheet less effective.

Download: Attendance Sheet Template

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