Auto Repair Invoice Template

If there’s one service everyone will eventually need, its auto repair. Cars aren’t perfect machines and all will have problems in the end. Auto repair professionals know this and provide services at their own cost to the general public. Most of these auto repair shop owners aren’t computer savvy and don’t realize how easily they can get certain documents for free. If you’re on a tight budget and working for an auto repair shop, we have just what you need. With the free Auto Repair Invoice, you’ll have a simple, professional invoice template right at your fingertips.

Using the Free Auto Repair Invoice Template

If you’re not up to date with computers, you won’t have any trouble using the template. Even Microsoft Excel novices will have no problem at all while navigating the auto repair invoice. Save a copy of it straight to your computer and get started.

You must first enter your business details at the top of the template. Enter your business name, address, and location information in the top bar. Next up is the phone number of your business on the right side. Invoice number and date are both important details to enter in as well.

Be careful when entering customer information. You’ll need all their details about their name, address, location, and phone number. Next to that, record necessary information about their car. The year, make, model, color and mileage are all basic necessities for this area.

List all your repair services one by one. Record the price in the area next to them. You’ll also need to list the parts that you needed to use in the repair. You can do that below the services table.

Auto Repair Invoice Template Tips

  • Be as specific as possible when listing what services you have provided to the client. It’s best for you and them to list every change that was made to the car.
  • The auto repair invoice can be printed out and filled in by hand or can be filled in on a desktop computer. It’s up to you how to use it.

Download: Auto Repair Invoice Template

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