Automobile Buy vs Lease Template

Have you ever wondered how much you actually save in the long run when buying or leasing a car? The bottom line is that car dealerships will use any technique in the book to make more money. They are a business after all but you don’t have to be completely in the dark anymore. The Automobile Buy vs. Lease Template is a free and convenient calculator that takes in the information you have for your big decision and gives you a comprehensive account of what you’ll actually be spending. Download the free calculator template today to get started.

How to Use the Automobile Buy vs. Lease Template

The basic idea of this template is to have you enter the amount in the light gray cells with the indicated information. Then, values in the dark gray cells will be populated automatically to give you important information like your payments, depreciation, and much more.

The first step, after clicking the link below and downloading the template, is to enter the make and model of the car you’re looking into at the top of your page.

Next, as you scroll down the template you’ll see two sides, “Buy vs Lease”. You will need to enter the information indicated in each table for both in the blue and orange cells (do not enter anything in the cells that are highlighted dark gray).

The template will take all this information and give you the necessary data to help you make your final decision. You will be provided with the monthly payment figure, initial costs, financing costs, present and depreciation values, etc. for both graphs.

If you scroll further down the page you will also be able to enter the tax information associated with your purchase and a comparison between the tax figures for your “Buy vs. Lease” comparison and will be displayed in the two indicated tables at the very bottom for you.

With all the important information calculated and presented in from of you as a side-by-side comparison, you will easily make the best decision possible.

Download: Automobile Buy vs Lease Template

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