Baby Budget Planner

The Baby Budget Planner is a simple template designed to make your life easy and guide you through the proper steps to make a budget for your new bundle of joy. This is a safe and free way to gain a firm understanding of your new child’s needs and give you the opportunity to prepare for some of the common associated costs. Nothing is better than having the peace of mind knowing your child has all the necessities to transition into a wonderful new environment.

How to Use the Baby Budget Planner

The Baby Budget template has everything you need to chart out the first financial year of having a baby. In addition, the planner also comes with a large list of examples to get you started on your journey.

The first table lists some of the common recurring costs associated with raising a new child. These examples include: childcare, diapers, clothes, hospital checkups, and toys. Here you can enter in a monthly budget and easily monitor your spending. This way you can gain a hold on your child expenses. You can also change or add any items by clicking in the cell and typing in your own information.

The large table at the center of the template provides you with a breakdown of each major item. This will give you an overview for the amount you spend on each item. In this section, you can even list a description of each expense in case you like a certain diaper or clothing brand.
Both the “One-Time” and “On-Going” tables will take the information you entered into them and calculate the monthly cost for you. You are then free to adjust your budget based on your income. The Budget Planner gives you all the tools needed to prepare for your child’s future. There are a lot of costs that people overlook. You want to make sure you can account for these unforeseen expenses and adjust your spending appropriately so your child lives a happy and healthy life.

Top 3 Features of the Baby Budget Planner

  • Calculates monthly spending automatically
  • Options for monitoring recurring costs
  • Easily customizable for items to fit your life

Download: Baby Budget Planner

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