Baby Memorable Events Timeline

Many parents wish they could encapsulate the best memories of their newborn child in some way. The free Baby Memorable Events Timeline is a tool that helps you do just that. Have a video of baby’s first steps or maybe their first trip to the beach?

You can use this free template to document those occasions into a simple timeline format. Imagine a time in the future where you can show your child the exact day you took them to their first movie or the first time they went trick-or-treating. This template is a great way to save and cherish the time you spend with your children. To learn how to download and use this free template, just follow the guide below.

Downloading and Using the Baby Memorable Events Timeline

To download the free template file, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Next, start in the “Events” tab and start entering events as they occur. You will only need to enter the date, day, month, and event description of your most recent adventure. The last column lets you choose how the event will appear in the “Timeline” tab.

You can check out all your events you just entered in the “Timeline” tab and make an adjustment to the height in the last column of the previous page.

The “Calendar” tab lets you enter your events in a more familiar format. You can also print the calendar you’ve just finished in the “Print Version” tab. The print version is specifically formatted to be printed is the only difference.

When you want to print your monthly events list, just go to the last tab, scroll to the top of the page, select “File,” then click the “Print” option from the list.

You can make the memories of your child growing up last forever with this free template.

Download: Baby Memorable Events Timeline

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