Baby Shower Gift List

Tracking the sheer amount of gifts that you receive after announcing you are with child can be a difficult task. Everyone that sees the most adorable outfit at the store will be inclined to buy it for your child. You might be overwhelmed to find the time to remember everyone and the gifts they gave you. The Baby Shower Gift List was designed to help you through just such an occasion. The free template file lets you enter the names and information of your gift so you can easily track them and send out a kind thank you in return. Best of all, the template use drop down menus to make the task for getting this information entered that much easier.

Baby Shower Gift List

The free template file comes as a simple table. You will also have two tabs, one in which to enter the names or categories of gifts (clothes, food, diapers, etc.) and one in which to list the gift giver’s information. From this point, it will be simple to fill out the information as it comes.

Using the Baby Shower Gift List

Once you have properly downloaded the free template file to your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of this page you will be free to start customizing the document for your personal needs.

Start in the “Description of Gifts” tab at the bottom of your screen. This is just a simple table in which to list various categories of gifts that you are likely to receive. The template starts you with some of the most common examples but you can easily add to it as well.

The “Baby Shower Gift List” is where the magic actually happens. As an example, let’s say your friend Suzanne gives you some baby clothes as a gift for you shower, you would use the drop down menu to list “clothes” in the first column. Next, you would enter their name, any notes that might help with writing your thank you note and finally a checkbox to mark if you have sent your thank you letter yet.

The template gives you everything you need to make personal and moving thank you letters to properly thank the people that have given you and your baby equally thoughtful gifts.

Download: Baby Shower Gift List

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