Babysitter Checklist

The free Babysitter Checklist

Most parents like to know that the person they hire to care for their child while they’re away is fully prepared. Even a well-prepared sitter can be a little more organized with a babysitter checklist. The template can be easily customized and downloaded to help your chosen sitter better care for your child. Besides, what parent doesn’t want a little added peace of mind?

How to Use the Babysitter Checklist Template

The free babysitter checklist template is easy to use and customize. The template can be adjusted to various paper sizes or saved and sent to the sitter’s mobile device. It allows parents to place all useful information, including potentially helpful details such as a child’s normal hiding places, in one place. To use the babysitter checklist template:

  • Add the name of your child or children at the top
  • Click on the photo box to add pics of each child (delete unused boxes)
  • Fill in the fields with all necessary and optional information (delete empty fields)

Tips for Using the Babysitter Checklist Template

Since the template is free, you can print out a copy to place on the fridge and send an electronic copy to your sitter’s device. Here are a few tips for effectively using the template:

  • Aside from emergency numbers, add fun stuff such as favorite games and ticklish spots so your sitter can keep your child engaged and entertained.
  • If you have more than one child, put the photos in order by age to avoid any bouts of jealousy if the kids are old enough to care about such things.
  • Since the template is free, download as many as you wish. This means you can create a separate set of instructions for each child to further help your babysitter keep everything organized.
  • If you think of something else to add, just make the adjustments you have in mind and send the template again to your babysitter’s device.

Unlike a quickly written paper list, the babysitter checklist template can be easily updated if details changes, even after you leave. It can also be customized for each time the sitter arrives or sent in advance. Think of it as one less thing to worry about as you leave your precious one in the care of a qualified, caring individual who will be better prepared with all the info necessary to keep your child safe and happy until you return.

Download: Babysitter Checklist

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