Back to School Checklist

Free Back to School Checklist

Is it already coming up to that time of year again? Time for your child to return to school? Make sure that you invest in your child’s education as best as you can by sending them to school prepared for anything. Microsoft has created a Back to School Checklist that can easily be downloaded on this page for free. The Back to School Checklist is also easily editable so that you can make sure and add or change any specific items that may be needed as well that aren’t on the list.

Filling Out the Back to School Checklist

Once you download the Back to School Checklist, open the file up in Microsoft Word (Either Windows or Macintosh) and you will see a list populated with the following information to fill off and check off as you complete it:

  • Complete registration
  • Get all recommended immunizations
  • Determine the school dress code
  • Request a list of necessary supplies from the school
  • Meet the teacher
  • Tour the school
  • Help your child memorize your home phone, work phone, and home address
  • Arrange transportation, designate a safe meeting spot, and practice the routine
  • Arrange for daycare
  • Plan a menu for breakfasts, packed lunches, and after-school snacks
  • Establish a homework location and schedule
  • Prepare a school calendar of all important events
  • Slip a note or photo into your child’s bag, for reassurance on their first day
  • And a space for several additional items that may need to be included

On top of that there is also a list of school supplies that will definitely need to be purchased. You can always add or delete the items as needed to customize and make it your own. The list that comes included is:

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Backpack
  • Lunch box
  • School books
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, markers
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Binder
  • Binder paper
  • Notebooks
  • Safety Scissors
  • And several additional spaces for items

The Back to School Checklist comes quite complete and helps remind you of those important items that need to be completed so you are not left scrambling to get everything at the end. So take advantage of this Back to School Checklist and make sure you are prepared in your child’s adventure in the new school year.

Download: Back to School Checklist

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