Basic Balance Sheet

Every business from a Fortune 500 company to a small store just opening its doors needs a balance sheet to organize and document their financial information. By stating your assets, liabilities, and capital in a particular point in time you or your accountants can take proper stock of your company’s worth. You need a detailed and professional-looking Basic Balance template when applying for loans or grants, submitting taxes, and presenting your business to potential investors. All the information you need to have for a proper Balance Sheet is available on this template. It will guide you through the headache to success!

Basic Balance Sheet Instructions

Start by entering your organization’s fixed assets. This simple template provides you with some pretty great examples, but you can always change or add more. Simply click on any cell you want to edit and start typing in your own information.

Next, you will enter the depreciation of your company. Enter everything that has decreased in value since you bought it. This would be things like: cars, property, furniture, and everything else associated with your organization.

The last two sections are for you to enter your less current liabilities and equity in the corresponding cells. The template tells you what to enter, simply read the information provided and fill out the dollar amount in that cell.

All of your totals for each section will be calculated and provided off to the right-hand side in its own column.

Best Reasons to use the Basic Balance Sheet

  • Simple design makes customization a breeze
  • Everything you need is located on one page
  • Calculates totals for you instantly

Download: Basic Balance Sheet

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