Basic Invoice Template

Basic Invoice Template

A simple and easy-to-use invoice sheet can be one way to streamline operations in your business. A basic invoice template can allow you access to these sheets whenever you or your fellow workers and employees need them. Company and business owners will love the fact that the basic invoice template is instantly downloadable and 100% free.

Using the Basic Invoice Template

The basic invoice template has reserved areas for just about everything a business owner could think of or possibly need. You can place the name of your business or company at the top of the sheet. The color bar can be changed to match the color scheme of your company. There is also ample room to add your business logo.Basic Invoice Template

The next step is to fill in the address, including the city, state and zip code of the company, followed by the phone number. The “Sold To” space is reserved for the name and address of those receiving goods. The “Shipped To” spot does not need to be altered unless the goods are being shipped to an address different from the one entered into the “Sold To” space.

To the right, you will see several bits of information that will need to be filled in, including:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Our Order Number
  • Your Order Number
  • Terms
  • Sales Rep
  • Shipped Via
  • F.O.B.
  • Prepaid or Collect

There is also a spot reserved for the sales tax rate in your respective area. The sales tax will be automatically calculated by the template once the correct percentage has been input.

Below the sales tax calculator is the area in which you will mark down the actual goods. There are individual columns to note the quantity, description, unit price and the cost. The bottom of this section consists of the subtotal, tax, freight and the final total, or “Pay this Amount.”

In the final section is an area for contact information in the event that customers have inquiries. Here, you will put the name, phone number and email address of the person the customer should contact in case there is any sort of issue with the order. The final spot is reserved for informing customers who they can make checks payable to.

Download: Basic Invoice Template

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