Bill of Sale Template Word

The Bill of Sale Template Word document

The Bill of Sale Template Word documentThe goal of business is to make money. Every time success is achieved, there must be a bill of sale issued, a receipt of some sort. A bill of sale gives the consumer written proof of what they received and is a concrete reminder of where it was obtained. Smart companies know to present a professional image by using a customizable bill of sale template Word document.

Customization provides for a finished product that is a unique representation of the company, not some obvious, cookie cutter pull out from a ready-made pad. The Microsoft Word Template affords companies a fast, easy way to generate the documentation required for effective record keeping while presenting a polished, professional form.

How to Use the Bill of Sale Template Word Document

  • First, fill in customizable company data and save the file. Be sure to include the company logo, address, phone numbers, and email. Consider a brief slogan or mission statement addition here.
  • Second, set up the fields required for tracking monies received. Fields will be needed, at minimum, for subtotal sale price, taxes collected and total price. Further break downs can easily be inserted for extra services sold.
  • Third, set up fields for customer specific information. At minimum, set up fields for name, address and contact information. The records provided make a great resource for mailing and phone sales in the future.

Tips for Using the Bill of Sale Template Word Document

  • First, because this form may be the only written representation of the company a customer has after the sale, add something special. A “thank you for your business” or “we look forward to assisting you again” makes a lasting impression.
  • Second, use the data. Look into old bills of sale periodically to spot trends that may improve sales. For example, data may show certain products sell better in certain zip codes. Spot the trends and use them to company advantage.
  • Third, be sure to back up your bills of sale in multiple ways. In the event of audit, such records are invaluable. They are also legally required. Always have paper copies and well backed up electronic data.

All companies have to generate paperwork. Use the bill of sale template Word document, found at, to make the process fast and painless.

Download: Bill of Sale Template Word

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