Billing Statement

Giving a customer a billing statement is one of the most important things a business can do. It shows proof of a transaction, and it ensures that both the business and the customer are aware of what transpired. However, rather than buying an expensive program or new type of printer to make sure all the statements go out as needed, businesses can make their own billing statements on site. What’s more they can make them for free. All a business needs to do is download a free billing statement template.

What is the Billing Statement Template?

This template is a simple, Microsoft Excel file that any user can download from the link. All a user has to do is save the file to his or her computer, and open it up. Once open the user needs to click “Save As”, and then name the file something memorable (“Mrs. Jenkins bill 10/2013” is an option). Once the file has been saved, all that’s left to do is to fill in the billing statement with the necessary data.

This template already has the columns and rows set up and labeled. All the user has to do is fill in the services or goods rendered, and the prices. The template will do the rest, actually adding up the bill and providing all of the taxes when everything is said and done. It’s that simple.

Use and Download the Billing Statement Template as Necessary

Lots of companies that offer a billing statement template ask for a fee just to download the file. That’s on top of any additional programs or equipment a business needs to have in order to make use of a particular file. We don’t do that. If someone wants to use our billing statement template then all that person has to do is download it free of charge. Furthermore though, if something ever happens to the file users can download a fresh copy with no questions asked.

So whether the original gets corrupted, lost, or otherwise misplaced it’s possible for anyone to replace it quickly and easily. That freedom and flexibility, when combined with the customizability of this template makes it a resource that no business should ever be without.

Why wait one more day dealing with unprofessional looking statements or difficult to figure out templates? Instead use this simple spreadsheet to give your customers the kind of bill they’re expecting to get from your business.

Download: Billing Statement

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