Birthday Banner Template

Free Birthday Banner Template

Make birthday parties special and unique by using a fun birthday banner template to create a personalized celebration. While streamers, balloons and confetti may be fun party decorations, they don’t provide the customized feel that a personal birthday banner can. Designing a banner that features the name of the birthday honoree shows the person how much they are cared for and adds the finishing touch to the rest of the party décor. Using a birthday banner template is also quick and convenient. It can be downloaded for free from this page and after being personalized, is ready to be printed and displayed to create the perfect birthday party setting.

Benefits of Using the Birthday Banner Template

  • The template is fully customizable, which means it can be personalized with the name of the person who is celebrating their birthday.
  • It is free and can be easily downloaded from this page making it fast and simple to use.
  • The template is convenient since it can be customized and printed on any schedule.
  • It offers a personalized touch that store-bought banners can’t provide.
  • It is time and money saving since an expensive trip to the store isn’t required.
  • The banner prints on 8 separate sheets of paper and is assembled into one large piece. This eliminates the need for specialty paper brands or sizes so that it can be printed using standard materials.
  • It has overall assembled dimensions of 36-1/2” x 14-3/4”. This means the banner can be easily displayed and clearly seen from wherever it is placed at the party.
  • Creating the birthday banner using the downloadable template is simple, fast and fun!

How to Use the Birthday Banner Template

  • Download the template and save to the computer.
  • Begin customization of the banner by adding the name of the birthday guest of honor.
  • Once customization is complete, print the banner on 8 separate sheets of paper.
  • Assemble the pieces of the banner by using clear tape, adhesives or glues.
  • Decorate the banner with any other birthday themed accessories that may be desired. Ideas include stickers, stamps, glitter, or even air-filled balloons.
  • Banner can be hung by attaching directly to a surface, (wall, door, window, etc.) with double-sided tape or other adhesive. As an alternative, holes can be punched in the top corners of both end pieces through which string or ribbon can be threaded. This allows the banner to be strung between two objects.

Celebrate birthdays in style with the fun and convenient birthday banner template!

Download: Birthday Banner Template

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