Blackbody Source Template

Every young physics student is familiar with Planck but it might be hard to conceptualize his law. The free Blackbody Source Template allows young students to see the spectral density of electromagnetic radiation emitted by an object in a state of thermal equilibrium at a given temperature, T. This free template will allow you to evaluate Planck’s famous equation yourself by demonstrating how the emission spectrum is dependent on the temperature and the emissivity. To download and learn how to use the free template, just follow along with the guide that has been provided for you below.

Using the Blackbody Source Template

To download the free template file to your computer, just follow the link at the bottom of this page to get started right away.
You will use all the tools below to create a model that will determine if a light-source has a blackbody emission spectrum and calculate both the temperature and the emissivity.

You will first take measurements of the radiance of your light source at different wavelengths and enter those values into the table to the far right of the template, labeled “Experimental Data.”

You can then change the parameters of your model until the best-fit line in the graph above is perfectly within your plotted data points.

To adjust your information, just use the first table at the top of the template. This space allows you to change the temperature (T), the Emissivity (where ε = 0 and 1, and the wavelength in nanometers.

You will see the results of your spectral radiance calculated through multiple different wavelengths in the table at the very bottom of the template.

You can also use the table of constants to help you if your need a reference for any of the figures used within this classic equation.
Download this free template today to get started!

Download: Blackbody Source Template

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