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Are you trying to develop a brochure or booklet together? It can be a tough job without getting the help of a graphic designer to assist you in making it professional and attractive to your potential client. Microsoft has created a booklet template Word document that can help make this task quite a bit easier for you. The great thing is that this document can be downloaded right here on this page by clicking the download button. Of course the document is always free.

Using the Booklet Template Word Document

To begin using your booklet template Word document open it up in Microsoft Word (Either Windows or Macintosh). It will present you with a standard beautiful template that you can use to start piecing together your work. When you first open the document you will have the title page on the right which will include a standard title for you to use, a picture, your company name and subtitle. On the left side of the sheet will be your short description about what is included in this booklet template Word document. Also included is a contact us blurb and an option to place your logo and address information if it differs from your contact us information.

This booklet template Word document can easily be customized to make any additions that you may want as well. These are just placeholder items and you can choose the image and delete it to add whatever image you like or even multiple images. The tools are there to make this booklet template word document your own creation.

The second page of the document offers you a sample table of contents. This of course can be edited and change as you make corrections, deletions and additions to your actual document as you progress. On the right side it presents an opportunity to include products and services you are offering along with a title and picture that you can include if applicable.

The last page gives you a basic guide to get off and running with your creation. It helps give you a basic layout that can easily customized to your own needs. Download the booklet template Word document today and see how it can help make your project easy in creating a gorgeous document you will be proud to present to your client.

Download: Booklet Template Word

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