Boy Names with Meanings

Boy Names with Meanings

It’s a boy! Now you need a name to fit your new baby boy’s place in the world. “The Boy Names with Meanings” sheet is a template that can help you find a perfect name for your child and so much more. The template provides you with a list of names from around the world and allows you to sort them by nationality. You can also see where these names were originally derived and what they mean. You’d be surprised at how many names have beautiful meanings. To use this free template just follow the guide below.

Using the Boy Names with Meanings

To download your new Boy Names with Meanings sheet, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Next, take a look at the categories in the first row of the template. There are four different columns. The first is the name, then the meaning, then other spellings, and finally the origin/country of origin.

You can use the filters to sort the names on this list however you want. Let’s say you want to honor your family’s French roots. You could scroll over to the origin columns and click the down arrow to the right of the cell.

You would then deselect the “Select All” option and click only the French tab from the list you see. This will automatically change the list to display only French names.

For example, one of the first options that appear on the list, after you complete the above action, is “Antoine,” which means “praiseworthy.”

You can see how using this template will make it much easier for you and your partner to find a name that suits your family and household best.

You can find the best name for your newborn baby boy today by clicking the link below!

Download: Boy Names with Meanings

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