Buddhist Holiday Calendar

Memorizing the holiday and traditions of every major culture can be difficult. The Buddhist Holiday Calendar is a great way to learn about various cultures that celebrate and practice Buddhism. This template displays all the holidays of the Buddhist faith and provides you with the dates for each. This is a powerful tool that can help employers understand the needs of their employees. It’s also a great way to learn more about a culture and share in some of the festivities. You can get started today by following the link below.

Using the Buddhist Holiday Calendar

To download the free Buddhist Calendar template, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, if you look at the bottom of the opened document, you’ll find 4 different tabs. You have the Timeline, Events, Calendar, and Print Version tabs listed.

Start in the Events tab. This is where all your information is entered and where the other tabs pull information from.

In this tab, you’ll find the date, the day, the month, the event name, the days to go, and the height (where your item will appear on the timeline).

Both the Calendar and Print Version contain this information, just in different formats. One page is a simple calendar and the other is a printable sheet.

If you go over to the timeline tab, you’ll find all the events have been placed in chronological order so you can see them along the timeline. Starting from the current date to the end of the year, you can partake in all the festivals and celebrations.

This free and interesting religious event template is a great way to learn more about Buddhist culture. You can use this template year after year, simply by updating the information in the Events tab.

Download: Buddhist Holiday Calendar

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