Business Flyer Template

The Business Flyer Template that is free to download from this site can help you create a professional looking e-mail that shares information with a consumer or employee. It is easy to use and you will have it ready to go in no time. Here is a short little guide about how to use the template and a couple of tips as well.

How to Use the Business Flyer Template

After you have completed the download, you can open up the file on your computer. It will load in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or other compatible software. The first step in customizing this template is adding your company logo or picture to the document in the top left corner. You can find it online and download it if you do not already have one on your computer.

Where the Main Header is, you can enter the first point of business that you would like to discuss. Below it you can go into more detail and supply more information. Where Header is you can put your second order of business and fill in more details below it. The bottom right side is reserved for another point and includes a sub header as well. Below that you can delete the directions for changing the picture and enter information about that point.

Tips for Using the Business Flyer Template

Once you have got all your information in the e-mail it is ready to go but you can do a couple more things to spruce up the Business Flyer Template. The directions for changing the pictures is not gone but do not fret. All you have to do is select the picture that you want to replace, select Picture Tools, click on the Adjust group, click on Change Picture, and find the file you would like to use instead.

The new picture will appear when you press Insert. This can be used for a welcome letter to individuals who have signed up for your newsletter as well. This template leaves a lot of room to improvise and use it for things other than what it was intended for.

This Business Flyer Template is a great way to create an attractive, professional looking e-mail to inform the recipient of just about anything related to your business. You can easily customize it and use it for a wide variety of things.

Download: Business Flyer Template

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