Business Letter Format Template

Given the enormously diverse and global business market of the twenty first century, shouldn’t every business letter you write be tailored to that particular company? Shouldn’t the tone and content of a business letter to a Silicone Valley start up be very different from that of a more formal Wall street firm?

The short answer to that question is no. Formal business correspondence, for various professional and legal reasons, should follow a standard format. But what if the writer lacks both experience and training in this type of writing? For these individuals, a business letter format template can be useful.

The only thing that would be more useful than a business letter format template in fact, is one that is free, and Microsoft offers both. The template appears in standard block letter form, and can easily be customized to incorporate your company logo and pertinent business information.

Using the Business Letter Format Template from Microsoft

Microsoft’s business letter format template is simple to use. Follow the tips below to get started with your letter writing.

  • Make sure all names and titles are correct
  • Indicate reference titles and numbers before beginning the letter body
  • State the letter’s purpose before beginning it
  • If your company has a “letter style”, adhere to it.
  • Make sure any enclosures are indicated below the signature block.

All business letters should be treated as legal records. After writing, printing, and mailing your letter, you should not only save it electronically in a file, a printed copy should be saved and stored as well. The amount of required time to retain paper “footprints” can vary, but retaining any related business correspondence for at least three years is the general rule of thumb.

Although the rules of business are continually changing, some aspects of it are timeless. One would be a thoughtful, professional business letter. With our business letter template, users can achieve this easily and for free.

Download: Business Letter Format Template

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