Business Letter Template

Business owners know that a professional appearance is important in the business community. From the building exterior to correspondence, a business must give the impression of being professional from the first moment to the last. Correspondence sent is a direct reflection of your company, using our customizable business letter template for your business mail is a wise choice.

Using the Business Letter Template

  • First, download and save a free copy of the template to your computer. Saving a clean copy allows for changes in logo or fonts in the future.
  • Next, enter your company contact information in the upper left hand box, including phone number, fax number, and address. A company logo can be inserted in this field as well.
  • Enter the desired date in the field located to the right of your company information. Below the date enter your company name and address in the font face and of your choice.
  • In the field below your company name and address, enter the names of any additional recipients of the correspondence and notate in the next field additional attachments or pages included in the mailing.
  • Enter your personalized greeting and continue drafting the actual body of your message in the center of the page.
  • Below your message follow up with a proper closing, your name, and title. Space for your signature allows for a personal yet professional touch.

Tips for Using the Business Letter Template

  • Customize the business letter template to fit your company image and business type. First impressions leave lasting impressions. Use our free template to leave a positive customized first impression.
  • Insert your company logo and use your company colors to create a pleasing visual impression of your business.
  • Change font color, size, and font face using the toolbar at the top of your word document.
  • Save a copy of each piece of mail your company sends for future reference and in the rare instance you need to resend the letter.

Create a professional image with our business letter template today. It is free to download right here, ready to use and customize.

Download: Business Letter Template

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