Business Letterhead

The primary objective of the business letterhead is to communicate in a professional fashion with others. Thus, relaying the necessary information in a concise form that identifies the company. A letterhead represents the company and sets the standard for communication between the company and others. Often, the business letterhead might leave out important information or the format is incorrect. A professionally formatted business letterhead template would solve this problem.

How to Use the Business Letterhead

On this page you will find a free to download and fully customizable letterhead. Follow these instructions.

  • First, fill in the company data. This includes company name, company logo, address, email address, and company website information. Save this information to file for future usage. Consider adding an extra identifying logo or company slogan.
  • Set up the fields that are required. The company might require extra lines for slogans or a brand name. Remember, this area is fully customizable.
  • Third, customize the letter. Add specified greetings and salutations, an interesting quote, or closing letter remarks that are specific to the company.

Tips for Using the Business Letterhead

  • First, it is important to remember that the letter might be the only information that the customer has about the company. This letter might be their only way of contacting company staff or administrators. Consequently, it is important to provide direct contact information within the letter to specific people within the company or specific departments. Add the name and telephone number of important contacts.
  • Second, update your letterhead. Improve the look and feel of the letterhead. Determine ways to improve the letterhead or make it more company specific in the future.
  • Third, make sure that you save the letterhead to file for future use. Print out letterhead and save in a physical file for future reference, to make copies, or write quick hand printed notes.

All companies have to communicate with their customers or others in the business world in a professional manner. Speed up communication with this professionally designed business letterhead template. The template is fully customizable and completely free to download.

Download: Business Letterhead

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