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screenshot of the Business Proposal Template Word

screenshot of the Business Plan Template Word sheetCreating a business plan isn’t necessarily fun, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be easy. Getting your ducks in a row will be easier than ever before thanks to the business plan template Word sheet. Startup business owners and entrepreneurs will love the fact that this business plan template Word sheet is instantly downloadable and completely complimentary right here.

Business Plan Template Word: Using the Template

The business plan template from Microsoft Word featured here includes six complete pages. The pages include:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Executive Summary
  • Industry Environment
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Financial Projections

The cover sheet is simply for listing the name of the company, the business plan for the upcoming fiscal year and the contributors to the project. There are four pre-loaded contributors on the cover sheet, but these can be added and removed as necessary.

Page Two is the Executive Summary. Here is where you will list the mission statement of your business, company or organization. You will also provide a brief description of the potential business opportunity, as well as the financial projections. The projections section includes a graph.

The next page of the Microsoft Word template is reserved for the Industry Environment. Here is where you will detail an overview of the industry, the projected position for the future, potential customers and direct competitors. You can also outline the sales, net profit, employees and market share of your company and three competitors for the fiscal year.

The next sheet in the business plan template Word spreadsheet is reserved for Marketing. Here is where you can provide a lengthy description of the potential business opportunity, as well as the company impact and company strategy. There is also an area for a benefits matrix.

The ensuing sheet is for Operations. Here is where you will provide a brief description of the organization structure, capital requirements and core operations.

The final page is for Financial Projections. This is here you will provide the basic financial information required to analyze the growth potential for the business, capital requirements, earnings projections, etc. If your company requires capital for this business opportunity, you can also provide details of your financing proposal and how funding will be applied.

Download: Business Plan Template Word

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