Calibration Linear Weighted

Accuracy walks a fine between quantity and quality. For this reason, you need a template that can account for values that have more significance than others for calibrating your unknown chemical concentrations. The free Calibration Linear Weighted can do just that. For example, the template can take data points that have the same numeric value and determine that the same result is more significant than outliers. If you’re ready to give this free Calibration Linear Weighted a try, then simply download the free file today and follow along with the guide below to learn how to use this document.

Using the Calibration Linear Weighted

To download this free template to your computer, click the link at the bottom of this page to get started.

Next, you will notice that there is a space to enter your concentrations and instrument reads in the first three columns of the document. For this template to work properly, you’re going to need at least 2 data points in which to plot.

Once you do, you can use this template for its intended purpose, adding weighted information. You can enter the weighted data for each point into the first column of the Calibration Linear Weighted. If you need to delete a point just enter the weight as “0”.

Remember to list multiple readings for the same concentration to list them as separate items in the document, this will actually give you more accurate results and the template will know to weight that information more heavily than others as well.

Next, list the instrument readings of the unknowns in the blue column to the right of the main chart. Your unknown readings will be automatically calculated in the last three columns of your new template. You will receive a calculated concentration, the standard deviation for error and the error percentage of the whole as well.

It should be noted that you can change any of the readings simply by clicking and writing a different concentration in the table.

You can use this template to receive more accurate data through weighing the importance of certain plots with your readings.

Download: Calibration Linear Weighted

Thanks to T. O’Haver for his contribution

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