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In the United States, over 67 percent of the adults are either overweight, which means 20 pounds or less over the average or obese, which is more than 20 pounds over. These statistics have multiplied in the past ten years, along with the tremendous obesity issue with children, but the Calorie Template is a solution for the whole family.

Th calorie log template is a free and an easy method of monitoring losing weight with minimal effort. The free Calorie Log Template is easily downloaded into Excel, and is in a chart form, which can be customized at any time. Most people make the decision to get healthy, but they get confused by the hundreds of different diets that on the market, so they don’t do anything. The Calorie Log can be used with any food plan because the goal is to reduce the fat percentage in the diet. The USDA has proven that the average adult needs 30 percent of their diet to be from fat calories to be healthy.

The average American eats junk food, fried foods and snacks without realizing how much fat or calories are in it. The free Calorie Log shows the user every night, so they can adjust the next day. Most of the new users will be surprised after one week, to see how the pounds have been adding on. When it becomes clear to you, then you can cut out the bad foods, and watch the pounds drop off.

How to Use the Free Calorie Log Template:

  1. Download the free Calorie Log Template onto Excel, and you are ready to begin.
  2. For each day, you simply list everything you had to eat in the first column.
  3. Now, go back and fill in the calories for each item. Very soon you will have your favorites memorized. You can do this after every meal, which is recommended, so nothing is forgotten, or at night.
  4. In the third column, enter the number of fat grams for each food.
  5. The last two columns are the fat calories and finally, the fat percentage. The program works these out, so it is the users’ job to keep the total fat percentage under 30 everyday.

Being overweight is a recipe for disease and many other problems, but many people who want to lose weight, have not been able to find a weight loss plan to fit their lifestyle. The New Calorie Log Template is the answer!

Download the Calorie Log Template from Microsoft Office: Calorie Log

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