Cash Receipt Template

Free Cash Receipt Template

Figuring out how much cash your employees received, thereby figuring out where you are headed in terms of business and how you are going to get there is hard if you don’t have an idea of what your financial status is. If you have never sat down to take a record of your employee payout, there is no time like the present to do so. The cash receipt template is a tool with which you can record each and every detail of cash received by your employees. You can use this tool by attaching it to an email while sending the information along with it to the person who is receiving the cash or simply by handing over the print out.

Understanding the Cash Receipt Template

While the details entered on this cash receipt template is important, it also tells you whether you are owed more than the money given or vice versa. It is also a tool to determine where your employees’ income stacks up to that of other employees. The purpose of the cash receipt template is to take a snapshot of the money that is otherwise lost in the oblivion.

Filling out the cash receipt template and recording it is a lot more easier than keeping the details in a blank file. This is a way where you can keep things pretty simple in your business. Rather than spending hours trying to account for every nickel and dime, you can simply ask the employe to fill out this form and store it in his or her record.

If it really matters whether the $20 you had in your pocket was given for a charity your employee was representing or a casual dinner where your employee was supposed to share, just log the expense as $20 with ‘description’, ‘received by’ and ‘approved by’ details and you will be saving yourself a lot of grief.

Up until now, all the finance software have been focusing on big-picture budget – like salary, bonus and benefits. With the cash receipt template, that can be downloaded here for free, it is time to focus on small details because little things can make a big difference.

Download: Cash Receipt Template

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