Certificate of Completion Template

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Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. One method a group can use to recognize people is to give out a certificate of completion for the program. To create a uniform certificate, a group will need to set up a certificate of completion template.

How to Use the Certificate of Completion Template

  • The first step to using a certificate of completion template is to define what organization is giving the certificate of completion. Name the organization in PowerPoint, and save the file. This result becomes the template for all organization certificates.
  • The second step to using the template is to define the why of the certificate is being given. Take the basic organizational template. From there, create a template for each course by giving each a name. Repeat for each course offered by the organization.
  • The third step to using the template is to declare who is giving the certificate, the instructor. Add their name to the bottom of the certificate underneath the signature line. Remember to do this step for all the instructors of the same course.

Tips for Using the Certificate of Completion Template

  • At the organizational level, this easy to use certificate of completion template could also be used to recognize the hard work of instructors as well as students by stating length of tenure for each of the instructors.
  • Be sure to review the course offerings of the organization regularly to check that the organization possesses all the certificates needed from term to term. Similarly, check that the names of the instructors are correct for each course at the same time.
  • After building each certificate of completion down to the instructor level, delegate adding the names of students to the certificates to the instructors. Such a step eases the load for administrators.

To fulfill the need of everyone to be recognized, a certificate of completion is a helpful tool for organizations. A certificate of completion template such as the free one offered here at myexcelltemplates.com simplifies the task of creating the certificates, course by course and student by student.

Download: Certificate of Completion Template

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