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Recognizing the hard work or dedication of one or more of your employees is a great way to build company morale and show your appreciation, and creating a certificate to show your thanks couldn’t be easier. Rewarding someone for their hard work does not have to be pricey. In fact, for the cost of the paper and ink needed to print it, you can create a classy and official Certificate of Excellence by using our customizable Certificate of Excellence Template, available right here for free.

How to Use the Certificate of Excellence Template

You can download a free Certificate of Excellence Template right here, right now. We have created fields for you to personalize the document with your company name, employee name, and the project or reason for the award. Getting started is easy and free.

  • Download the free template right here. Click each field and type in what you wish to say. Large brackets make it easy to find the field and start typing.
  • Customize the template to say just what you want.
  • Print and sign your certificate.
  • Repeat for each employee you wish to recognize, or each task deserving reward. It’s easy to make quick changes before printing more certificates.
  • Consider holding a special meeting to distribute the certificates or creating a special place in the office to display them.

Tips for Using the Certificate of Excellence Template

There are many reasons you may want to present your employee with a Certificate of Excellence. Consider what your company stands for and look for ways to reward employees for making the company shine. Here are some tips and ideas:

  • Present a certificate to a new employee who has completed training or has really meshed well with the other workers to make the company run well.
  • Create a certificate for an employee who goes above and beyond to do right by the customer and make the company look good.
  • Honor the hard work of a team who completes a project on time and within budget.
  • The Certificate of Excellence Template is created for PowerPoint 2003 or later, so you can incorporate the presentation of certificates into a slideshow presentation in addition to printing it off for your employees.
  • Neutral blue and brown color scheme is attractive on its own, but you may also customize them to match the colors to your company logo or letterhead.

Download: Certificate of Excellence Template

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