Change in Equity Template

Change in Equity Template

When you’re part of a large company, it’s important to keep your shareholders up-to-date on every change in equity. This simple Excel one-page template of Change in Equity is the perfect easy way to keep everyone updated on company changes.

How to use the Excel Change in Equity Template

Using the link below, download the Excel page and you’ll have the one page template available. The first part to address is the [Time Period] in the left top corner. After, it’s only a matter of filling in the crossed sections on the template.

Fill in information horizontally or vertically, and leave blank the “Other” fields if they don’t apply. You can also change their names to fit your needs. Once all the cross sections are filled, the gray boxes for “Total” and “Ending Balance” will automatically fill in. That’s it, you’re finished!

Tips on using the Change in Equity Template

  • Print this template out and fill it out with pencil to rough draft the statement if you’re waiting for the entire report.
  • Print and email copies of the report to everyone involved. Also, keep a separate file on your computer and in a physical folder of all the changes for the past years.
  • This is just a summarization. Transfer this information into graph form if you need to do a presentation.

Download the Change in Equity Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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