Charity Register Template

Raising money for a charity, whether the cause is to help support underprivileged children or feeding the homeless, is a great and honorable undertaking. You may be someone that’s trying to contribute locally, and you might be learning how difficult the process is to organize. Luckily for you, the Charity Register Template is here to help you help others.

Charity Register Template: Description

The free template document will take you through the necessary steps to pin down your ideas into a workable structure and even calculate all the figures you need to raise your funds. You’ll start by entering your target goal for the fundraiser and then schedule the dates for certain activities/events that will help you raise money until you reach and perhaps even surpass your initial goal.

Using the Charity Register Template

The template has three tabs in which to enter the information of your fundraiser. Start in the “Configuration” tab. In this table, you will enter the type of work or contributions that you will be accepting. If you accept direct donations, you can list cash, for example.

The “Contributors” tab allows you keep a running contact list of all the people that have decided to contribute to your cause. Note, all the information you enter into the “Contributors” and “Configuration” tabs will be available for selection in the main “Fundraiser” tab as drop-down menu options.

Now, go to the “Fundraiser” tab and enter the information required in the topmost section. Listing your target goal and the start and end date of your fundraising event(s), you will then be free to move down to the main table of this tab.

Simply enter the date your event/activity took place, the name of the person contributing, the amount/value, payment type, check/transaction type, and finally, any comments that you have about that particular item.

You can see how easy and simple it becomes to organize a charity event or fundraiser with this free template to guide the way.

Download: Charity Register

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