Child Care Checklist

Free Child Care Checklist

The child care checklist is a great template for mothers to give to their child’s babysitter. The template allows your child’s babysitter to log in the time they start and end. It also allows them to log in the daily activities that tool place while they were taking care of your child.

How to Use the Child Care Checklist

  1. Download the child care checklist to your computer and then save it. The next thing to do is to open up the excel document on your computer. Then you can type in your child’s name.
  2. The second thing to do is add what activities or duties you want your child’s babysitter to perform or you can keep the activities that are already on the template.
  3. Then you can let your child’s babysitter know to log in the time that they start to babysit your child and also to log in at what time they performed each activity. Then you will want to print out the checklist and give it to the babysitter. Remember the customizable child care checklist is free to download here. It is easy to use and helps you keep track of duties performed by the babysitter.

Tips on How to Use the Child Care Checklist

  1. On the bottom of the child care checklist you can type in the word signature with a semicolon and add a line. At the end of each day you can have the babysitter sign their name to keep track of the hours and the duties they performed for that day, while babysitting your child.
  2. The second thing to do is add a contact list on the bottom of the checklist. Be sure to type in the name, phone number, and address of each person the babysitter is to get in contact with in case of an emergency.
  3. The third thing you can do is click on the Babysitter Checklist and change the color and you are also able to change the font size.
  4. You can also add more columns to either add more duties or more hours, for those days that you may end up working overtime.

It is important that you are able to keep track of how many hours your child’s babysitter put in and also keep track of what duties they performed. This help you and your child’s babysitter stay in sync.

Download: Child Care Checklist

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