Child Growth Chart

It’s the job of a parent to worry about the development of their child and every aspect of their growth, especially for first time parents. Their usual thoughts will include questions, mostly wondering if their child is growing normally and how the growth of their baby compares to that of other children. Parents with more than one child realize how essential a child growth chart can be. They stay on top of their child’s development and monitor it every step of the way throughout their developing stages. That’s why you’ll find the Excel Child Growth Chart a key tool to use during the growing stages of your child’s life.

Using the free Child Growth Chart Template

After you download the free growth chart from the end of this page, open it up in Microsoft Excel or another kind of compatible spreadsheet software. Upon using the chart, you’ll come to notice that it’s very simple to record necessary information about the growth of your child.

  • You’ll need to enter basic information about your child. The first thing is to enter the child’s name. Next, enter their date of birth and gender. Lastly, enter their birth weight and birth height.  Wasn’t that easy?
  • In the chart below the basic information section, you’ll see the informational chart where you’ll be storing stats about your baby’s growth. Every time you weigh and measure your child’s height, make a record of it in the table.
  • Start recording your data by entering the date of measurement. After filling this out, you’ll see that the day and month columns will automatically fill in with numbers. These consist of the number of days the child has been out of the womb as well as the months, in decimal format. Record the weight and height next, along with any notes that you may need.

If you need to bring the chart with you to the doctor or to compare with other parents, just simply print it out and you’re on your way! You can also highlight the data in the sheet and easily create a chart for visual feedback.

Download: Child Growth Chart

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