Chore Sheet Checklist

Have you ever wanted to keep you home clean every day of the week? You probably understand the frustration of coming home to a messy house after a long day of work. You might even be too tired to clean it up right away too. The Chore Sheet Checklist was designed to break apart your cleaning schedule into regular tasks that you can chip away at, one piece at a time or assign them to someone else in the household. This is the perfect way to teach children about responsibility too. The free Chore template is ready and waiting for you, just read the instructions below for more details.

Chore Sheet Checklist

Once you have downloaded the template file to your computer, begin by entering the various chores that you would like to have cleaned on a regular basis.

Some pretty common examples would be cleaning the dishes, picking up the living room, vacuuming, and taking out the garbage. Even simple tasks that just require you to straighten pillows and blankets could go a long way to making your home feel nice and clean.
You will list all the tasks you have chosen in the first column and you can even separate them by the morning and afternoon.

In the proceeding columns, you will find the days of the week casually displayed at the top. Now, choose an indicator that will tell you or someone else that you want a chore from the first column completed on a certain day.

For example, you can use an “X” as your indicator. In this example, you would simply place an “X” on the day you want a chore completed in the same row as that chore. That’s all there is to it.

Why You Should Use the Chore Sheet Checklist

  • Designed to print quickly and easily.
  • Simple format makes customization a breeze
  • All your tasks are displayed on a single page

Download: Chore Sheet Checklist

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