Christmas Gift List

Planning out your holiday shopping ahead of time is a great idea if you don’t want to spend the week before Christmas day in the chaotic scene of shoppers scrambling for gifts at the mall and other retail stores. The best way to organize your list is with the Christmas Gift List template. This document has all the necessary tools to take your rough ideas and turn them into a comprehensive strategy to master the holiday season! This template also serves as a budget to help you save during the busiest shopping season of the year! Use the Gift List today and start taking control of the holidays!

Christmas Gift List Guide

This document was designed to be fully customizable. You’ll want to start with the columns marked ‘’Friend/family” and “Age Range”. Here, you can change the pre-written categories, so they pertain more to your family and friends!

You can also use the auto filters to limit the list to only include your friends or family. The formula that calculates everything will automatically update and change once this has been completed.

When everything has been edited to your liking, you can start to fill out the main table. Enter the name of the person receiving a gift in the “Recipients” column. Then enter your “Planned cost” next to that name, this serves as your budget. You can also select their age range and connection to you, to help you make a great gift idea!

Next, enter the gift you have actually purchased for this person, once you have already picked it up. There is also space for the “Actual” cost. This will be compared with your budget in the overview at the top of the page.

All of your totals will be calculated off to the right-hand side and the template will provide a complete breakdown of all your expenses. Now you never have to fear holiday shopping again with this convenient template.

Top Reasons to Use the Christmas Gift List

  • Everything you need is on one tab
  • Calculates the difference between your budget and actual expenses automatically
  • Provides a complete overview of your shopping list at the top of the page

Organize your shopping this year with the Gift List template!

Download: Holiday Christmas Gift List 

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