Christmas Shopping List Template

The Christmas Shopping List Template is an excellent way to keep track of shopping and shipping for Christmas gifts.

The template is easy to download and absolutely free. You can use the template the way it is designed or customize to your own specifications. Some of the categories will help you manage your shopping lists. You will be able to keep shopping websites handy to remember and track shipping dates.

If like many people, during the busy Christmas shopping season, you need an easy way to keep up with gift buying the Christmas Shopping List Template is for you.

How to Use the Christmas Shopping List Template

  • Create a list of family and friends you will be buying gifts for. List them on the left side of the excel spreadsheet. This will create a list you can use again next year.
  • The Christmas Shopping List Template can be downloaded to your desktop and be available to you all year. When you see a gift item during the year, you can take a minute and place the website, gift item and price next to the recipients name. When it comes time to start your Christmas shopping all the information will be there.
  • If you have a tendency to put off wrapping gifts and shipping them during the busy Christmas season, the template can be a tool to help you with adding deadlines for shipping dates. In the separate columns for purchasing, wrapping and shipping you can add your own personal deadline dates to keep yourself on track.
  • Another very helpful feature of the template is that you can keep a track of your budge. In the list price column of the template, you can keep a running total of your purchases , and you will know if you are keeping within your set budget.
  • Customize the list and even add a column for Christmas Cards and keep track of relatives and friends you need to send them to and the date you sent them out.

Make your next Christmas season easy on yourself. Download the free template now and start using it today for a head start on the Christmas shopping season. Once you start using the template and customize it to your own personal requirements you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Download the Christmas Shopping List Template from Microsoft Office: Christmas Shopping List Template

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